Why Give?

We need your support.

As an independent school, we rely on our community to keep us thriving. We hope that families and alumni of Bement are inspired to give back to the school that taught them to ski, swim, sing, and soar—ensuring that we can educate children for generations to come. And we invite current parents to make their children’s school a philanthropic priority right now, funding the people and programs they value.

Unlike public schools, which receive state or national funds, Bement depends solely on tuition income and annual donations to cover our operating costs. Our tuition dollars only cover 83% of our operating budget, and the Annual Fund is the crucial component that fills this gap. Annual Fund dollars are used for current-year operating expenses, from competitive staff salaries for our talented teachers to classroom supplies for experiential learning to fresh fruit in the dining hall.

Although we know that families and alumni are asked to give to many causes and even different schools, the foundation students receive at Bement is central to their further success. It is for this reason that we hope Bement will be at the forefront of our community's philanthropic priorities. Every gift counts, and we ask parents, alumni, grandparents, and faculty to adopt a tradition of giving so we can keep Bement strong. There are multiple opportunities to help Bement, including giving to the Annual Fund, the endowment, the capital funds for Pine Hill at Bement and the boarding program. Volunteering is another way to help—serving as an Annual Fund ambassador, a Parent Association representative or as a volunteer for the Alumni Association. To learn more, please contact Sara Becton Ardrey, Director of Alumni and Development, at: sardrey@bement.org or 413-774-3021.