Bement by the Numbers


Local apples served every year


Pounds of food collected for local families


Pairs of skis traveling to Berkshire East in the winter


Awarded in financial aid for 2019-2020


Cities/towns in MA, 12 other states, and 20 countries; our students come from all regions


Games are played each year, across 12 different sports


Total number of materials circulated in the library


steps to Deerfield Academy's athletic facilities


of students admitted to first and second choice of secondary school


Student/Faculty ratio


Self-portraits created in studio art classes each year


of upper school students play on teams


Size of campus in acres

Our Bement Community

“Bement is a place where the teachers are part of your family.” Seth '17
“The faculty and students at Bement have let me thrive in different ways. They let you find your own way through all of their support.” Kate '18
“Bement is a small school, which is good because you get a lot of attention from teachers.” Chase '19
“Bement has been a place for me to expand my interests and discover my passions.” Rosey '18
“Bement makes me feel good because the teachers help me learn.” Grayson '26
“What I love the most about Bement is how we are united as a family because every kid at Bement is very close to their friends and teachers, and we come together every Friday to celebrate work kids and adults have done.” Campbell '22
“What I love the most about Bement is boarding and playing with boarders from all around the world.” Miyu '22
“Bement is full of caring people.” Agustin '23
“Bement is my favorite place.” Josie '23
“Going to Bement is going to a school where everyone cares about how you are doing. It’s like gaining a second family.” Cammy '18
“I like the art schedule. I’ve already learned how to act in a play, paint, and play cello. Along with the countless other activities we do at arts, it has been a great learning experience.” Logan '19
“My favorite time at Bement is science because I get to learn new things, build models and learn how things work.” Ryan '22
“The most important thing I’ve learned at Bement is to be kind and to understand the feelings of others.” Emily '26
“Bement makes me feel happy because I use my imagination.” Blake '26
“Bement makes me feel fantastic because it has wonderful teachers that are unique in their own way. They do projects that are really interesting and friends are funny. I love Bement.” Rosie '24
“What I like the most about Bement is that we get PE and art every day.” Finn '24
“Bement has been my home for the past ten years. I will really miss the friendships and connections I’ve made with my teachers.” Ashley '17