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When my family and I first arrived at Bement in the fall of 2016, we knew it was the type of community where we'd want to set down roots. The beautiful setting captured our imagination—my young girls now spend time outside as part of every school day. But it was more than that: like no other school I've encountered, Bement brings a nurturing and rigorous approach to education. It’s our goal to elevate students and prepare them for the next phase of life.

Spend an afternoon on our campus and you’ll sense our welcoming, family atmosphere. We’re deliberate about building a strong community. Everyone attends our weekly all-school meeting, teachers and students eat family-style in our dining hall, day and boarding students interact outside the classroom, and older students read to younger students in our Reading Buddies program. We believe this approach fosters a sense of obligation to others and to the wider community.

Step into a classroom to see students learning and growing across personal dimensions. From an early age, our students develop accountability, courage to try new things, and a sense of wonder. Our program builds each year, combining music, art, challenging academics, and competitive athletics to help students establish time management and problem-solving skills, resilience, and a deep self awareness.

We’re committed to experiential learning, extending the student experience to every inch of our 30-acre campus and beyond. Students might study the ecology of our backyard stream, uncover our history in the 18th-century living museum that shares our street, or embark on a challenging assignment at our outdoor education center, Pine Hill. Our environment makes Bement special; how we use and enjoy it makes us truly innovative.

Every spring, we say goodbye to a group of accomplished, aspiring ninth graders who move on to top secondary schools in New England and beyond. And every fall, we welcome new students, from fresh-faced kindergartners to international students to rising eighth graders. We hope your child is among them, and we look forward to welcoming you into our Bement family.


Christopher H. Wilson
Head of School