DEIJ Vision and Action Plan

As we have done throughout our nearly 100 years of education, Bement leads with a belief that a more just world starts with the connection of a diverse group of people who respond thoughtfully to meaningful issues. This belief is all the more critical during this unprecedented time in our contemporary society, in which our communities, from the local to the global, grapple with the implications of racial injustice and combat violence and prejudice against persons of marginalized identities, especially in the face of a pandemic that has exacerbated inequalities in health care, housing, work, food, education, and access to other resources everywhere.  

In our commitment to promote Justice in our world, we embrace Diversity, practice Inclusion, and endeavor for Equity in our education and in our community. Our commitment is not realized by accomplishment and achievement; that is, we cannot afford to think that we are ever complete in our work. Rather, rooted and guided by the core values of Respect, Compassion, Integrity and Resilience, our commitment to promote and act for Justice is an ongoing pursuit that influences how we, as individuals and in the collective, speak, act, and behave every day. We recognize that how we educate and operate as a school community today will impact, intentionally for the better, the future of our local and global society.   

To advance this work, our DEIJ Task Force will propose recommendations in the areas of school culture, operations, programs, policies, resources, and personnel that lead to critical change and growth in DEIJ. More so, the Task Force allows a safe platform for persons from typically underrepresented groups or in marginalized positions to express concerns, and a structure for communicating those concerns to the Head of School, Leadership Team, and Board of Trustees.

DEIJ Highlight

Faculty Professional Development - A Long Talk with Kyle Williams


Bement’s student-created diversity mural carries the words “Hope,” “Acceptance,” “Courage,” and “Trust.” The message of this mural is one that Bement takes to heart, and it is a huge part of what makes Bement such a unique school. We’re committed to maintaining an open, inclusive, and diverse community of students, faculty, and families, making The Bement School welcome to all.

Diversity Mission Statement

The Bement School’s commitment to DEIJ will be guided by our Vision and Action plan.  Moving forward, we will continue to assess how our belief in the principles of DEIJ anchors our community and our education nearly 100 years after our founding. We will identify strengths and successes, acknowledge gaps and limitations, and address barriers that lead to opportunities for growth as we embrace diversity, endeavor for equity, practice inclusion and act for justice in our next generation


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

As a part of our commitment to broadening perspectives and continuing learning in support of dismantling racism, and promoting equity and inclusion, we have assembled the following resources for families. Please note that this is not a complete list. These resources, published in our weekly Look Ahead newsletter, are ever-expanding.