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The link below provides easy access to information about the SSAT test, test registration, information about applying to secondary schools, and practice tests:


Bement's annual literary arts magazine:

Summer Reading Lists

Our goal for the Bement Summer Reading Program is to encourage our students to read for pleasure, explore new genres and formats, and to see themselves as readers.

We are asking each upper school student to read two or more books from the list linked below. The list represents a range of interests and maturity levels, and students should choose books that are right for them.

Our Super Readers program encourages lower school students to read creatively while they are away from school. To participate, students simply need to track the titles and times they have read using a downloadable reading log. For every 15 minutes read, students can earn a bead, and they can trade up to a different type of bead the more they read. Each student will receive a chain and brag tag to put their beads on so they can design their own creation with the beads they earn.