Breakfast Program

Breakfast is available as on option for day students on school days, and families can sign up on a term-by-term (fall, winter, and/or spring term) basis below. Enrolled students are to be at the Bement dining room at 7:45 a.m. on school days.

Please select the required terms and note that the appropriate charge will be added to your student account.

To facilitate our planning, please submit this form by July 10:


Curriculum Guide

Concussion Plan


Health Forms

The following forms must be completed for all students, annually:

The following form must be completed for new students:

The following form must be completed for students on medication:

Emergency Communication Form


Bement Bulletin, Fall 2018

Bement's annual literary arts magazine:

Report of Giving


The link below provides easy access to information about the SSAT test, test registration, information about applying to secondary schools, and practice tests.

Feel free to also read this informative letter from Ms. Keddy, Upper School Head, regarding the SSAT at Bement.

Parent Workshop Series Resources


To assist our day families, The Bement School offers daily van transportation services each year. This service runs from the towns of Amherst, Bernardston, Greenfield,  Hadley, and Northampton and pickup points and routes are determined based upon demand.

Our ability to accommodate requests for this service is limited by the level of demand for the service, and by applicable state law regarding capacity of our vans. If there are more requests than we can accommodate, we will give preference on a first-come, first-served basis.

Although the costs are not finalized for the 2019-2020 school year, we are estimating the charges to be:

Greenfield - $2,000 round trip and $1,000 for one way

Bernardston - $2,500 round trip and $1,500 for one way

Amherst/Hadley/Northampton - $2,700 for round trip and $1,900 for one way.

Reduced rates will be available for families receiving financial aid.
If you are interested in transportation services, please contact the Bement business office by June 1. 

For more information about routes and combining transportation with after-school care, please call the Bement business office at 413-774-7061.

Boarding Family Handbook

2018 Summer Reading List

Our goal for the Bement Summer Reading Program is to encourage our students to read for pleasure, explore new genres and formats, and to see themselves as readers.

We are asking each upper school student to read two or more books from the list linked below. The list represents a range of interests and maturity levels, and students should choose books that are right for them.

Our Super Readers program encourages lower school students to read creatively while they are away from school. To participate, students simply need to track the titles and times they have read using a downloadable reading log. For every 15 minutes read, students can earn a bead, and they can trade up to a different type of bead the more they read. Each student will receive a chain and brag tag to put their beads on so they can design their own creation with the beads they earn.

2018 Summer Reading List