Planned Giving

Creating opportunities for the future

Leaving a legacy to Bement is a way of ensuring that the school will be able to continue its important work for future generations. We hope you will join the growing number of Bement alumni, parents, faculty, and friends who have chosen to become members of our Phoenix Society.

Members of our Phoenix Society have named Bement as a beneficiary in a will, estate plans, life insurance policy, or a bank account. Some donors choose to assign a specific dollar amount while others leave a percentage of their estate. Either way, you have an opportunity to make a gift to Bement which you could never make in your lifetime.

Have you already named Bement in your
estate plans?

If you have already named Bement in your estate plans and have not notified us, please let us know so we may personally welcome you to the Phoenix Society.

To discuss becoming a member of our Phoenix Society please contact:

Sara Ardrey, Director of Alumni and Development

Some Phoenix Society members who have chosen to share their stories with you:

Chris Hart (far right) with her son, Ben MacKinney '02 (second from left), on his wedding day

Christine Hart, PTT, P'02
Phoenix Society member since 2005

"I choose to remember Bement in my will because I wanted to leave a legacy to the school that changed my son's life for the better forever. Just as I am leaving most of what I have to Ben, I thought it only appropriate to also include his life changing school.

It is my hope that a planned gift to Bement will be seen as the faith I have in Bement's future. I know the school will be right where it is and providing life learning education to our children for decades to come. A planned gift underscores this faith in the future of Bement and its mission. I hope my planned gift will be used to support Bement and its mission in whatever way is necessary given the times. I have had the wonderful opportunity to serve as a trustee and participate in bringing in a new head of school. As a result, I trust the Bement community to always have thoughtful, committed leaders who love Bement and take their stewardship responsibilities seriously."

Pamela Klonaris TT, P’11 ’13
Phoenix Society member since 2012

“The American Poet James Russell Lowell said, 'It is not what we give but what we share.' My husband and I are truly blessed and grateful for what life has offered to our family and feel strongly that such blessings compel us to share our good fortunes with others.

We feel that education in its broadest sense is the gift that keeps on giving. We have not restricted our gift, because we have complete faith in Bement to deploy our gift in the way that would best benefit the school and all of those who pass through it."

Matt Drake '96
Phoenix Society member since 2007

“For me, joining the Phoenix Society was as simple as designating Bement as a beneficiary in my will. The process is incredibly easy and it is gratifying to know that the people and organizations I care about—including Bement—will eventually benefit from my planning.

Bement was my home for the first 15 years of my life and I have so many great memories from those years. I want my gift to honor the people like Marianne Bourbeau, Scott Smith, Pam O'Brien, Tim Young, and so many other teachers and friends who truly impacted my life.

I hope my planned gift to Bement will help the school continue to attract students from all over the world and provide a supportive, yet challenging, academic environment for future generations.”