English Language and Culture Summer Program (2024)

Students ages 8 to 12 from all over the world are invited to apply to The Bement School English Language and Culture (ELAC) summer program. Our program is a blend of intensive and comprehensive language instruction, in-depth study of local history, cultural interaction, travel experiences, summer camp activities with our domestic day campers, and total language immersion. Students will live and learn as a family in keeping with almost 100 years of school tradition; students will leave the program ready to enter an American boarding school. We provide an opportunity to gain cross-cultural experience and practice the English language in a fun and friendly summer environment. Students and adults at Bement work together to create a climate of acceptance, kindness, and challenge each summer.

A unique element of Bement's program is our partnership with the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, a cultural and historical organization also located in Historic Deerfield. Students participate in hands-on history workshops and activities that provide a remarkable grounding in American history.

*Please note: ELAC will not be offered summer 2023.