Pine Hill

We like getting lost in the woods. That’s why Pine Hill, our 12 acre outdoor education center, is such an important part of Bement. Under towering cottonwoods and maples, our students lose themselves in biology studies, landscape painting, meditation, or just following the soaring arc of a bald eagle.

With nature trails and campsites, a vernal pond and workshop space, as well as an interdisciplinary ecological classroom that offers a home base for students, teachers and community members, Pine Hill is a crucial link between our school and the breathtaking nature that surrounds us.

It is also a link between our school and the wider community, offering the sort of setting that helps erase those dividing lines that too often separate. We see nature as yet another place to build intentional community, and Pine Hill as a place to do this outside the confines of the normal school day.

For inquiries about Pine Hill at Bement, please email Jill Craig at or call 413-774-7061.