March Vacation Programs

The Bement School hosts students on campus every March during spring break. Faculty members offer programs for our day families during this time. All programs take place on campus. Past programs have included exploring the wonders of Pine Hill, rocketry, science, arts and crafts, puppets, cooking, digital storytelling, sports, and superheroes.

1. Dungeons & Dragons (March 16-20, 2020)
Are you interested in Dungeons & Dragons? Did Mr. Blackburn's elective pique your interest? For an entire week, we will be learning, playing, and immersing ourselves in D&D. Adults of a certain age fondly recall their youth and their marathon sessions of D&D, this will be the most epic marathon session ever!
Characters will be regenerated to begin, but as time and interest allows, players will likely have the opportunity to create their own characters, and participants interested in learning how to run the game, will be given that chance as well.

Time: 8:00am-3:30pm
Place: The Polk Building (library)
Grades: 6-9
Cost: $450
*Dropoff and pickup at the Polk parking lot
*Bring your dice if you have them, if not dice will be provided. Lunch provided as well!  Please bring a nut-free snack or two.

2. Wandering the Wild (March 16-20, 2020)
For students in kindergarten through grade 3, we are offering another March week of exploration at Pine Hill with Ms. Craig! Melting snow, mud and spring's first blooms form the basis for this week packed with nature exploration and wild discovery at Pine Hill. Come and join Ms. Craig for a fun week!

Time: 8:00am-3:30pm
Place: Pine Hill
Grades: K-3
Cost: $450

*Students should bring comfortable, weather appropriate clothes to play in, boots (for outdoor excursions) and a nut-free and snack. Lunch is included!

3. Handmade Sketchbooks & Art Adventures (March 16-20, 2020)
Want to dive into art making, but you need a place to start? Making your own beautiful sketchbook is a good first step! In this art workshop with Ms. Dembkowski, students learn the basics of bookmaking tools and techniques while constructing their own sketchbook. Throughout the week we will begin to fill the pages using a variety of media including collage, colored pencil, ink, watercolor, and gouache paint. We will spend a day soaking in inspiration from the Eric Carle Museum; getting creative in their hands-on art studio, perusing their extensive volume of art books, and touring three dazzling exhibits on contemporary artists and illustrators.

Time: 8:00am-3:30pm
Place: The Barn and Arts Wing
Grades: 6-9
Cost: $450
*Dropoff and pickup as per normal school day
*Students should bring a nut-free snack and dress warmly in case we venture outside for drawing activities and field trips. Lunch is included!

Please contact Doc Potter at with questions and a link to the signup forms for any of the offered programs.