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Core Values at Bement

Christopher Wilson, Head of School

As we begin our school year, we will be introducing an exciting initiative that identifies and articulates the core values that animate the daily experience of Bement students, from our youngest kindergarteners to our ninth graders. Through a process of reviewing our mission statement, interviewing students and alumni, brainstorming with faculty and staff, and discussing with administrators and trustees, we have identified four core values that we believe represent what Bement stands for: compassion, integrity, resilience, and respect.

These four core values are already a part of a Bement education—indeed, we have chosen these words because we feel they reflect the foundation and history of Bement, the present day of Bement, and can carry us into the future of Bement. 

We believe that by naming these values, and building conversation around them, we will deepen and strengthen the experience for each of our students, and provide our faculty and staff even more opportunity to help students to learn and grow. 

We know that we cannot name every value that is an important part of the Bement experience, but you will find that our four core values encompass the Bement spirit in an inclusive and flexible way.




We strive to be curious, kind, and empathetic.

A formative education invites students and adults to reflect on and attend to their self-identity. At Bement, that promise of and openness to personal growth is extended to others as well. Each person is also aware, observant, and responsive to the well-being and perspective of all individuals on campus and everywhere. This requires each person to be selfless, to see beyond their personal needs, to be grateful for what they have, and to be kind so that the needs of others are also attended to.


We choose what is right over what is easy. 

We choose to do the right thing even if the right thing is hard. At Bement, we are confident that we are not standing alone. As a community that values integrity, we are responsible for our personal words and actions for our own good and more so for the good of the world in which we live. Our students serve needs beyond the classroom, contribute to extended communities, and connect globally with an aim to be helpful for those without the same privileges and opportunities.


We do not shy from hardship, but work to overcome it.

Each person gives their best in all they do regardless of adversity, hardships or obstacles, perceived or real. With a vigorous, hearty spirit, we give everything we have, utilize every available tool and resource, ask others for support to learn from setbacks and overcome struggles. We are courageous in facing short-term challenges and patient in the pursuit of broader long-term goals.


We honor each other, and strive to improve our community.

We are a diverse community comprised of students and families from broad cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds and we honor and are in awe of each person's story. We reinforce a positive message about who each individual is and admire the qualities that serve them well. We expect that all are included in the life of the school and able to express and contribute their strengths in an authentic way. We aim to instill meaningful connections across our K-9 grades, which allows upper school students to be models of inclusion for our lower school students. This ensures that each student feels valued and confident, and it is through this lens that our students view the world in which we live.


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