We play hard.

Scuffed sneakers, games of tag, and tired limbs at the end of the day—this is the stuff of childhood. At Bement, our comprehensive athletics program preserves a sense of play while empowering students through organized sports. We give students the outside time they need while building athletic teams that can challenge the opposition. Athletics allows students to gain a lifelong respect for physical fitness, to learn the importance of teamwork, and to achieve goals through discipline and hard work.

Beginning in kindergarten, lower school students build motor skills, strength, and hardiness in daily physical education classes. Our creative and beloved physical education teachers plan a wide range of activities that introduce students to movement, body mechanics, and team sports. Our upper school sports program, led by a seasoned athletic director, offers 12 team sports and nurtures every type of athlete—from serious competitors to beginners. We believe that everyone has athletic potential, and students who don’t normally consider themselves athletes build confidence during these formative years. At the same time, we prepare athletes to compete in high school and beyond at the highest level. Students earn spots on varsity and junior varsity teams depending on experience, age, and talent.

We enjoy our expansive green space for games outside, and we have a partnership with Deerfield Academy to use their state-of-the-art facilities, including their swimming pool, ice rink, and track. From learning to swim to sledding to competing against a rival, our students stretch their bodies and minds. Our goal is to impart strong leadership skills, good sportsmanship, and the ability to win or lose with grit and grace.