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With the arrival of a new field house at Deerfield Academy, Bement now has the opportunity to offer a new sports program - winter track. On a daily basis, we will focus on building an aerobic foundation, honing our speed, and getting stronger through drills, plyometrics, and core work. Our squad will prepare for “all-comers” track meets in the early winter months, and be ready to race in February in whichever events we choose, from 55 meters to 3,000.


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  • Demerath benBen Demerath

    An accomplished guitarist and bassist, Mr. Demerath truly enjoys collaborating with young musicians and can often be seen accompanying and helping to record their projects. His early training as an accomplished oboist and tenor established a strong classical foundation upon which he has laid his musical experience.

    Mr. Demerath did graduate work at Wesleyan University and Carleton College before completing his masters in music at the University of Massachusetts. Mr. Demerath loves to sing, write, record and perform internationally drawing on experiences from his interest in all music. He also likes playing the oboe and singing for any ensemble in need.

  • Galvagni jeremyJeremy Galvagni
    Jeremy Galvagni sees mathematics wherever he looks, and he loves explaining and sharing what he knows. One of his hobbies is crafting and solving interesting, hard math puzzles with other math enthusiasts. After teaching in public high schools for 20 years, he came to Bement in 2015. Mr. Galvagni is the math teacher that other math teachers come to with questions.