The Arts at Bement

We’re all artists.

Bement is buzzing with artistic expression, and we like it that way. The arts program is central to our mission to develop students’ creative vision and personal voice. From a young age, our students engage daily with music, drama, and visual arts. Our goal is to introduce students to new media while elevating students who are serious about their artistic passions to new heights.

The underlying philosophy uniting arts at Bement is the belief that the creative process is as important as the final product. We encourage self-discipline and risk-taking, and our program fosters confidence, poise, maturity, skill, and creativity. Our Fine Arts Wing includes two art studios, a band performance space, a choral music room, and a large barn/theater, affectionately called “The Barn,” with a fully functioning stage. Students enjoy performing for each other at all-school meetings, and we invite our community to performances throughout the year.

Many of our exceptional art and music teachers pursue artistic endeavors outside of Bement, and they infuse their teaching with real-world knowledge. Our program builds each year, beginning with daily arts classes and vocal music in the lower school. From third grade on, students learn to play a musical instrument, starting with the recorder and progressing through a full offering of band and strings. In the upper school, students can join chorus, upper school band, and strings. Every student finds a place on stage in annual drama performances, establishing public speaking skills at a young age, and all ninth graders perform in the spring musical, a much-anticipated rite-of-passage at Bement.

Arts Calendar

Bement (building TBD)

Join us on Tuesday, February 26 from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. in the Tim Young Room in the Kittredge Building for a special presentation by Bob Howe P'18 '18, Bement trustee and Deerfield Academy Athletic Director, about how to navigate the world of youth sports specialization.

Travel teams, early specialization, daily practices, and competitive tryouts are common aspects of current sports programs across the country at all levels. As a result, the task of guiding our children through this landscape can become particularly challenging as athletes move from one developmental stage to the next. Mr. Howe will present data on trends in the world of athletics, as well as tips to help parents navigate the current sports environment, and support joy in athletics into adulthood. This workshop will help parents and caregivers to understand what defines success in your own households, and how to help your child achieve to the best of his or her ability while developing character, perspective, and balance. Please click here to RSVP.

All members of the Bement community are invited to come by the dining hall from 4:30 - 5:30 that afternoon for a cup of soup before the Workshop. Hope to see you there!

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