Lower School (K-5)

Our youngest students are scientists and artists, naturalists and writers, mathematicians and thespians. They are also master fairy house builders, make-believers, four square champions, and fierce gaga ball competitors. (Just ask one of our kindergarteners and they’ll explain.)

Guided by loving teachers who are experts in early childhood development, our lower schoolers develop a joy in learning, a craving for intellectual challenge, and habits of mind that prepare them for successful academic futures. They also become really nice people. We see it as a core part of our mission to help each child become a well-rounded, curious and caring world citizen.

Lower schoolers start every day with recess, and then gather to sing and share before going on with their morning. Daily lessons include language arts, mathematics, science and social studies; they also have physical education and fine arts every day. Small class sizes of 10 to 14 students let teachers provide one-on-one attention and support children’s different learning styles. We eat lunch together, family style, in mixed age groups that build friendships and mentorships across grades. An additional afternoon recess for our younger students allows them to mature socially and burn energy.