Clagett McLennan Library

At Bement, we love our books. The Clagett McLennan Library lets students take this passion for reading—and for studying and learning—to the next level. With a collection of 10,000 titles, 30 electronic databases, online encyclopedias, and our e-book and e-audiobook platform, the Grace Bement Reading Room, the Flynt collaborative study space, and the Haas Room, students and teachers use the library every day to research, explore, and create.

Our younger students spend time every week with our experienced and innovative librarian and learn information literacy skills, digital citizenship, and how to relax by the fireplace with a great story. Upper school students visit the library to complement their studies, work collaboratively, or conduct research

Students in every grade are introduced to computational thinking and programming as well as an array of apps and web tools. The library offers hands-on exploration and the opportunity to film in front of the green screen, program a Sphero or Ozobot robot, explore electronics with LittleBits and Snap Circuits, or build with a vast collection of LEGOs and other building materials. The library allows students of all ages to bring their imaginations to life.