About Bement: Head of School Welcome


At Bement, the kind of person you are matters most, and we spend a fair amount of time tending to that development. In the midst of studying literature and history, we realize we're studying relationships. Small classes enable students and teachers to know each other well. All teachers eat daily meals with students, which furthers the friendships adults and young people have at Bement.

We speak to each other by name, and we never know who we might find doing a particular job on any given day. Older students are constant role models for younger ones, and a variety of cross-grade activities fosters meaningful friendships throughout the school. No one at Bement thinks, "That's not my job." There is a strong and pervasive belief that each of us contributes to the success of each day.

The affection we have for one another is evident in many ways. Each week we celebrate birthdays at our all-school meeting. We sing to each other, and a unique Bement bookmark is presented to commemorate each student's birthday. Morning meetings are also times when we recognize accomplishments big and small: a student qualifies for the Junior Olympics; another was seen welcoming a campus visitor. We're proud of both.

No matter where I go or whom I meet, if people mention Bement, they inevitably use the word "family" to describe us. Nothing makes me prouder. My own family is at the heart of every personal decision I make, and the care of the children and adults here is at the heart of every Bement decision I make. On behalf of the Bement family, I welcome you to this website and hope we can soon welcome you to a real visit.

- Shelley Borror Jackson
Head of School