Featured Programs: Class Trips

Lower school teachers find a variety of ways to supplement classroom themes and lessons with off-campus opportunities. First grade students who study their community visit local farms, civic offices, bakeries, and stores. Fourth grade students who study Colonial America visit Historic Deerfield homes, and Fifth grade students who study geology visit local caves and the Amherst College Pratt Natural History Museum.

Bement’s upper school curriculum includes numerous opportunities for learning experiences beyond the four classroom walls. Field trips that connect to each grade levels curricular focus take place throughout the academic year. Among these, our 6th grade has visited the Quabbin Reservoir and to the Montshire Museum, the 7th grade has traveled to the Seacoast Science Center in New Hampshire and The Billings Farm Museum in Woodstock, Vermont. In late fall, our 8th grade takes a three day trip to Gettysburg. While there, students are engaged in reading and writing activities that supplement and enrich their history curriculum.


The 9th grade typically kicks off the year with an overnight camping experience that includes goal-setting activities and leadership development. Depending on the year, this special trip may include canoeing on the Battenkill River, rafting on the Deerfield River, day hiking, and learning to zip-line at Berkshire East. During the school year, 9th grade students have traveled to The Williams College Museum of Art, and attended poetry readings at Smith College.  Since 2007, the 9th grade year has culminated in a week long community service trip to La Suiza Orphanage in the Dominican Republic.