Other Bement Programs: Noticing Nature

Fall 2015 Noticing Nature Letter


Bement’s Noticing Nature after school program is taught by lower school teacher, Louise Smith, and meets once per week for each term. Activities in Noticing Nature center on active exploration and hands-on projects relating to the natural world, and reflect outdoor traditions of the seasons.
In the fall, activities might include exploring the ways plants and animals prepare for winter, planting flower bulbs, raking leaves (and jumping in them!), and creating fall collages. Projects and approaches vary with the developmental needs of each age group and many projects evolve from the particular interests and discoveries of the children.

Winter is likely to include afternoons of sledding, building snow forts or snow sculptures, and indoor games and extended projects that relate to nature in winter.

Spring is all about rebirth in nature. From watching the flower bulbs that were planted in the fall emerge, to finding out about frog eggs, tadpoles and frogs, birds' nests, eggs and baby birds, the children spend most of their time outdoors

Every session begins with a snack and a time for nature sharing. Each meeting starts off in the K-1 art room in the Fine Arts Wing. At 5:00 p.m. the children are accompanied to the front sidewalk for pick-up.