For Parents: Parents Association

Parents Association Minutes: September 2014



The Bement Parents Association, true to its name, comprises the entire parent-body. The more we participate, the greater benefit to our children!

Ways you can get involved:

STRATEGIZE: Every month there is an Parents Association Meeting, open to all, in which new activities and past efforts are discussed.

VOLUNTEER: One hour of your time throughout the year lightens the load for everyone.

CHAIR AN EVENT: Want to bring a concept to fruition? We have several chair openings, and we are always eager for fresh thoughts. Come to a meeting or pitch an idea to an officer!

CALENDAR: see below

Join us in sharing the Bement experience and building an ever-stronger community from roots to wings.

Our best to you and your family,

Cressey Belden Janko, President
Beth Melnik, Vice President

Brendan Kavanaugh, Secretary
Barb Zaccheo, Treasurer

To contact someone directly, email the PA:

2013-2014 Parents Association Officers & Class Representatives


President Cressey Belden Janko P'17
Vice President Beth Melnik P'18, '21

Secretary Brendan Kavanaugh P'14
Treasurer Barb Zaccheo P'19
Parent Representative Alice Patton P'18

Class Representatives

KINDERGARTEN Sara Sabelawski

1ST GRADE Jasmine Balk

2ND GRADE Andi Turowsky, Lisa Ganci

3RD GRADE Wendy Blanchard

4TH GRADE  Michele McCabe

5TH GRADE Peg Johnson, Alice Patton, Phoebe Walker

6TH GRADE Cressey Belden Janko

7TH GRADE Andrea Solzak, Alison MacKinnon

8TH GRADE Sara Harvey, Lee Rubeck

9TH GRADE Brendan Kavanaugh

2013-14 Parents Association Committee Chairs

All-School Picnic- Peg Johnson, Erica Wurtz

Bake Sales- Sara Harvey

Fall Bazaar- Cressey Belden Janko

School Store- Lisa Kittredge

Blazer Exchange- Lisa Kittredge

Book Fair(s)- Lee Rubeck

Box Tops- Terry Mayrand

Lost and Found- Terry Mayrand

Food Drive- Cressey Belden Janko & Sara Riddington

Gift Wrap- Sara Harvey

Skating & Basketball Party- Lisa Ganci, Andi Turowsky

Mini Golf

Spring Fling Fair

Tuition Raffle

Faculty Appreciation Lunch

Scheduled Major PA Events (for more info see

All School Picnic September 15

Fall Bazaar, Pancake Breakfast, Bake Sale October 26

Skating Basketball Party January 19

Mini Golf (TBD)

Spring Fling Fair April 26