Featured Programs: Mini-Term

Mini-term is a program unique to Bement and a point of pride for our school. Inspired by the faculty’s recognition that students are often distracted by the excitement of holidays which fall between Thanksgiving and winter break, Mini-term invites the entire school to participate in the study of the same topic chosen each year. The daily schedule is often reinvented to make room for speakers, performances, workshops, films, and field trips which bring the topic to life. Students enjoy many hands-on activities and are often able to choose electives not available at other times of the year. Mini-term culminates in a final showcase of projects which demonstrate new knowledge acquired from the three weeks. Often the topic is transformative for the school, reshaping our practices and broadening our awareness for the remainder of the school year and beyond.

The following list illustrates the scope of our mini-term themes over the past several years:

- 2005 – Medieval Times

- 2006 – South America

- 2007 - The Environment

- 2008 - Diversity

- 2009 - Dominican Republic

- 2010 - Food

- 2011 - Korea

- 2012 - Architecture

- 2013 - China

- 2014 - Space

- 2015 - The Circus

- 2016 - Oceans