Summer, 2014


Updated June 28, 2014



Hello New Families:  Welcome to your first edition of Bement's "Look Ahead"!  During the school year, these are emailed every Friday and will give you a glimpse into the upcoming week.  There are sections for all school, lower school, upper school, as well as school dining menus, athletic schedules, performances, and other important information.  If there is another email address you would like us to add to our distribution list, please let us know by replying to this message. We hope this is just another way to keep you connected to Bement.


Grades are Ready:  Current families, all grades have been posted to NetClassroom for your review.  Please contact Lizzie Doubleday at if you have any questions!


New Student Photos:  Attention new families: if you haven't done so already, please send along a photo of your newly enrolled child to our admissions office.   Email them to Kim Loughlin at by July 31.  Call with any questions!  413-774-4209.


Health Forms:  The health forms for the 2014-2015 school year can be found here.  Simply download, print, complete, and return these forms by August 1, 2014 to Marty Smith in the business office.  There are no additional websites to visit or waivers to complete; everything you need is in this file.  Please note that Bement has changed carriers for the school insurance program.  Be sure to read the primary and supplemental insurance brochures if you think you may need to purchase coverage for your child. Feel free to contact Elie Shuman, school nurse, if you have any questions. 


Dress Code:  While planning your back-to-school shopping, you may want some reminders on Bement's dress code which can be found here.


Boarding Families:  A message from Dave Belcher, dean of boarding:  Even though the school year has just drawn to a close, we are already making important plans to prepare for the arrival of our boarding students on Tuesday, September 2nd. Read his entire letter here including the Bement Boarding Parent Handbook 


Summer Camps at Bement:  Fun at Bement can continue all summer long! From June 23 to August 15, campers ages 4 to 15 enjoy fun-filled days in our Junior Camp, Adventure Camp, and Counselor-in-Training program. From swimming to hands-on history activities with Historic Deerfield to model rocketry, there's something for everyone this summer at Bement. For more information, contact Ms. Lent at or check out our website.


Makers Space Wish List:  Do you have some old, unwanted Lego's in your home?  What about an old Android phone that you no longer need after your upgrade?  These items and more, as detailed in this list, are needed for our highly anticipated STE(A)M Maker's Space in our library next year! 



Annual Fund Update: This Monday, June 30 is our deadline so there are still a few days left to reach our 80% parent participation goal.  There is still time to donate online, or by mailing a check to The Bement School (if its postmarked by June 30, it will count toward this year's fund) or stop by the development office in Snively House or the business office to make a contribution.  We would like to thank our donors for your participation and generosity toward Bement this fiscal year.  We should all be proud that, as of yesterday, we've set a new record high for parent participation at 66%! A special thank you goes out to our Annual Fund Co-Chairs, Kim & Joe Butz, and all the Annual Fund Ambassadors: Laura Davidson, Mary Taft & Les Smith, Michele Torras, Lori Ott, Deanne Moore, Jenn Bete, Sara Riddington, John Knight, and Jacqi Mosselson. 



Eric Carle Museum Passes:  Looking for a fun activity over the summer?  Visit the Eric Carle Museum!  The Admission Office has several free family passes good for one-time admission for two adults and up to four children. It's a great way to spend a rainy afternoon... Call the admission office at 413-774-4209 if you're interested.


Looking Even Further Ahead:  The 2014-2015 school calendar is here for your planning purposes.  This calendar is subject to change, so please check our website for updates.






Lower School Head Welcome:  Please read this message from Carole Pennock regarding important information regarding lower school next year, including new student and new parent orientation dates and times.
Grades Are Ready:  End-of-year grades are ready and are posted in NetClassroom.  If you have any questions, please contact Emily Lent at
Summer Reading:  Do you have a voracious reader at home?  Want to encourage one?  Marcia Bernard, Bement's stellar school librarian, has compiled a great resource for you that can be found here.




Upper School Head Welcome:  Please read this message from Dean Fusto regarding important information regarding upper school next year, including new student and new parent orientation dates and times. 


Summer Reading:  New students should select any book from this list, read it over the summer, and in the fall, they should bring their book to school and they will join a faculty-lead book group. There is no formal writing assignment. 


School Supplies:  Recognizing that many families like to get a jump start on the purchase of school supplies, upper school teachers have helped to create a list to help guide your purchases. Click here to view the list. Although the list is comprehensive, it doesnt include supplies that are unique to an individual teachers requests. During opening week, all students will learn if there are additional items necessary for a given class.


Music Selections:   Mrs. Stewart-Pettengill, arts department chair, coordinates all of the upper school arts programs. If you are a student new to the upper school, pleasVms8E3wMN(M¤!Fe[Զ|4s℄CgQh҃X \>G@psN ffk.27%U(Xu˥ X mݐ?R݋R=h6ܠ~; kMq=}#݋|s=ft\,!oZ?ʂJH@v'bKl㟭A/~ՌFSH52zZ j[]H_9 "Ç6^7Rp3Tt~?,6T>)w0dyB}VXmbE-ҡZ :ݫ%#-2\φW3gfHhLPa0b a)]Ss]3fTCk27=8nsJQOk.e>YJ)q3\ xk1ՊQݴ\\tfl8_LOa@!C8 ktD*0^+ޢU+.2V]M=Z^` KK=7 J sΩ@F22=2R0pF܌3`paw1zn f* HM+i")Ҭ32.b:3x ϽS\TNFḡ1][5`44b[&~/^Mn~Qj8𙷁?3ҺF3frRY_]Q0gXB2&QQ>WVutr =^]{Q>B7&=Y U$4 $'/^MJcx9H{ht~Rn,0B~_)QHxV|R؝w7' $˵V~fX[g%gEqY~룈O ~:<>: i0/(s|!O(vƙ%drإ^hD2xk$~<]/g]c2JɎ/Ua&_9#VgZ ?1qA\7Qo^Dt[7CvNڏ:> ''O*?yZ'OІtob#9<Æg ۙpDֻ{Oa_#ypGA`'دki#bWۼNw_ d