Fine Arts: Kindergarten and First Grade Program

Visual art, music, and drama are integrated in the kindergarten and first grade fine arts curriculum. Kindergarteners and first graders have art class every day for 45 minutes. Students gain confidence in their artistic abilities through learning basic color theory and elements of shape and by exploring a variety of topics and mediums. The primary goal is for students to develop a love for drawing, painting, sculpture, movement, music, creation, and performance through both guided and free exploration. Additionally, elements of the academic curriculum are reinforced through artistic exploration in art class. Each student participates in one performance on stage a year, and experiences every aspect of play production, from set and costume design, to speaking and moving on stage. Throughout the first half of the year, students become accustomed to working on longer term projects that involve multiple steps, thereby developing their patience, ability to focus over extended periods of time, and dedication to a piece of artwork. Students listen to music or stories while they work. Students draw a self-portrait at the beginning of the year as they imagine themselves among some of their favorite things, and another at the end of the year by looking at themselves in the mirror. Other projects focus on art history, still life studies, nature studies, exploration of the basic elements of art, projects based on subjects learned in other classes, and free drawing and creative exploration.