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Like all independent schools, The Bement School relies on its extended family and friends to provide gifts of support for operating and building needs that tuition revenue does not cover. Nothing is more rewarding than supporting something meaningful in your life and for many, Bement is that place.

Bement may be the place where you might have skated or skied for the first time, played your first instrument, spoken your first word of a new language, or took your first dance step.  Bement might be where you learned to love reading, science, or art.  Bement could be the place where you found your voice…either on the stage, or in the classroom.  For many of you, Bement was home; or a home away from home. And for parents and guardians Bement is a nurturing and creative environment where every child is known by his or her name by each and every member of faculty and staff. 

Perhaps our traditions were most meaningful, such as: blue blazers and Bement patches, family-style dining in Bement House, Wednesday ski days, Farewell Evening, the Tim Young Slide Show, 9th grade hot chocolate, mini-term, tug-of-war, or the Annual Field Hockey Jamboree with Mr. Falcon and Mrs. Milne.  The tradition of family is probably what stays with you most…how you felt like you were part of a community, a family.

Support of Bement strengthens our family and traditions.  Gifts to our school affect our entire community, whether you give to our Annual Fund, or give to a Capital Campaign.  Our office is here to support you and help make your gift count.  Why not start your tradition of giving to Bement? 


Sara Ardrey, Director, Alumni and Development


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