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La Suiza Orphanage

By Allie Nagurney’09

I climbed down the steps of the yellow school bus, and looked around at the nine teenage girls, five adults, and the four curious Dominican boys.  The last time I traveled to La Suiza Orphanage I disembarked that same school bus with my nineteen classmates and five trusted advisors. It was dark then, and we immediately went to church with the boys.  I easily bonded with Francie, a young boy who fell asleep on my shoulder.


The March sun beat down on my neck as I fumbled through my bag for sunglasses. I approached one boy with his shoes on his hands and, through hand gestures and my limited Spanish, his worn out shoes were soon on his feet.  Soon enough one boy was tugging on my shirt showing off his prized possession, an old tennis ball. As he motioned for us to play, I noticed it was Francie, the same boy I had bonded with on my first night two years ago.  “Hola Francie,” I said, “c’est Allie,” already wishing that these boys spoke French.  As we played catch, I realized it did not matter if he remembered me.


That night, our entire group gathered on the roof of the orphanage for a nightly reflection circle.  I remembered constantly passing tissues around the circle, as classmates felt overwhelmed by the ability of these boys who had so little, to love us so much.  This time, we laughed together about the three-year-olds who tried to kiss us goodnight.  And through this laughter on the roof top, morning trips to visit an elementary school, and afternoon English lessons for the older boys, our group bonded.  We only could have come together in the Dominican.


There is something special in the purified water there; conversations are deeper, horizons are widened, friendships are made, and while saying goodbye is hard, I learned that week to live in the moment.  For one week, grades, friends, classes, skating, and track did not matter.  My needs did not even matter.  Instead, I spent a week making other people smile.                                      


(a bonus recollection from the Bement Bulletin


When the first alumni trip to La Suiza occurred in March of 2011, we learned about the current dire financial state of the La Suiza orphanage. Twenty years ago, the organization was able to fund five orphanages. Now, they can only afford to fund two. Just recently, they had to close down their girl’s orphanage. The need of the orphans in the Dominican Republic is still there, just not the services.  We want to help!

Working with Bement, we hope to raise funds for the orphanage. To start our fundraising efforts, we made bracelets that say: "esperanza para los ninos". In English, this phrase means "hope for the children". We would appreciate if you bought a bracelet to help fund the orphanage's needs. Please contact us for more information. 
Thank you!
Allie Nagurney'09
Steph Seretta'09

Bracelets will be $5which includes S&H.




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In Memoriam

We share news of our most recently deceased Alumni and former faculty, many of whom made a great contribution to our school; our condolences to their families.

The following is a listing of those deceased in 2006 to present.


Wm. Burke Belknap, Jr. 'GB

Camille Bouquet '00

Anne Bullitt-Biddle Brewster GB

Janet E. Bryant GB

Gretchen Polk Caines '54, P'80, '82, '86

Evelyn M. Carey, Past Faculty

Scott Creelman PTT, P'87, '89, '95

Barbara Davies '52

Robert Delabarre '75

Harrison Eldredge '25

Edwin Esleeck’60

I.N. Esleeck GB

Mary Hawks'25, PF

James Hearn GB

Kimball Howes '75

David Currie Lee '67

Denham "Dennie" C. Lunt Jr. 'GB P'61, '62, '64, '65, '66, GP'97, '00, '02, '17, PTT

Mary Peterson'80

Adele Ponvert '75

Karen Prue '76

David Rodd '58

Mary E. Snively, Past Faculty

Mary Stanford GB

Lucy Treadway, '61

Sean Vickrey '73

Ann Vigneault, Past Faculty

Jean Palmer Walbridge, Past Faculty

Edward M. Wells, Past Faculty

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