Athletics: Upper School 6-9

Look around -- Bement is always a flurry of physical activity. This tradition starts early in the lower school and is a habit we want to instill for life. During recess, our campus is buzzing with kids and teachers playing kickball, soccer, and Frisbee and enjoying the green, open space.

This thirst for play carries into our upper school sports program, where students use hard work and discipline to compete mightily against other teams. From the most natural athletes to shy beginners, there is a place for everyone to try, learn, and be challenged. Students are placed on varsity and junior varsity teams depending on experience, age, and talent; there is a team for every player, which helps introduce children to new sports. At the beginning of each term, there is a short trial period for students to try a sport before they commit. After all, many kids have kicked a soccer ball around as a youngster, but how many have ever used a field hockey stick? We offer a variety of competitive and non-competitive sports each term. 

For those who are serious about sports, Bement prepares athletes to compete in high school and beyond. Our passionate coaches -- who are often also dorm parents and teachers -- impart skills, strength and leadership. The ninth grade year presents a unique opportunity for our Bement athletes. Coaches look to ninth graders for leadership on their teams, developing valuable skills they would not otherwise develop as freshmen athletes in secondary school. We find that many of these students go on to be captains of their teams in high school and college.

Through it all, we teach our kids to compete with good sportsmanship and respect -- whether it's a heated match with a long-time rival or a friendly end-of-term game of Capture the Flag. We want our kids to learn the art of winning and losing, and to shake hands with opponents to give a hearty, "Good game."