Athletics: Lower School K-5

Physical education is a part of every day at Bement.  Our students have fun on the field playing a wide variety of non-competitive games and skill building.  A wide range of games and activities covers rhythm, organization games, relays, mimetics, introduction to team sports, gymnastics, self-testing activities, and perceptual motor training.  From sledding and ice skating in the winter, and swimming in the spring, Bement’s P.E. teachers create a diverse curriculum.

Students are assessed on an individual and ongoing basis and tested in 100 meter and 200 meter dashes, long jump, bent-arm hang time, and push-ups.  Tracking these statistics aids in motivating students to set goals, and show them how their hard work pays off.  Students are not measured against a standard or their peers.  They are able to progress as their physical abilities develop and mature.  Students are encourages supporting one another.  Our P.E. teachers reinforce that it is not a win or a loss that gauges a student’s achievement, but rather the effort displayed during the games and activities.