Life at Bement: Athletics

Athletics is a part of daily life at Bement. Our founder, Grace Bement, believed in “hardiness”, and that still holds true today. Athletics at Bement is an opportunity for each student to gain a life-long respect for physical fitness, to learn the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship, and to discover the value in achieving goals through discipline and hard work.

In our lower school, our P.E. teachers focus their curriculum on the path towards growth and development of each student based on his or her own abilities. Each student experiences that PE is safe and fun, and is willing to challenge themselves without fear of being judged against others.

We believe every student is unique, and so we offer a variety of sports in our upper school, both competitive and non-competitive. Competitive teams have a regular schedule against local schools. Each student chooses one sport each term, which creates a well-rounded experience. Varsity and junior varsity teams allow all students to compete on teams, regardless of talent and experience. Often students will discover interest for a sport they may not have had exposure to otherwise.

Every sport emphasizes sportsmanship, teamwork, effort and participation, the development skills and strategy, leadership, increasing stamina and fitness, and personal growth.