Alumni: Alumni Association

A Warm Welcome to Each Alumnus/a,

The mission of the Alumni Association (BSAA) is to create the opportunity for each alumnus/a to forge a close relationship with Bement. We are particularly interested in inviting those of you who have been out of touch with Bement to re-establish your connections with old friends and with the school.

The BSAA board members are committed to the mission of the school and the mission of the BSAA. They help organize events and create opportunities for alumni interaction.  I encourage your feedback and/or interest in participation in order to help make the Alumni Association a vibrant and responsive organization that is committed to both the Alumni and to Bement School. Please contact either me or Sara Ardrey with your comments and suggestions.

Our Alumni Association has been a wonderful opportunity for me to reconnect with many memories and friends who have long been absent from my life. At the same time I've met many new Alumni friends who also value their Bement experience. I'm confident the Alumni Association can provide the same kind of enjoyment for each of you who share my affection for Bement.

I hope to see you at Bement soon!

Tell White
President, Bement School Alumni Association


Mission Statement

Established June, 2001

The mission of the Bement School Alumni Association is:

  • To cultivate among the Alumni the bonds of friendship and affiliation formed through the Bement School.
  • To foster communication between the Bement School and its Alumni and to foster continuity, communication and support across the generations of prospective students, current students, Alumni and the greater Bement community.
  • To instill a sense of pride among the Alumni for the Bement School.
  • To promote the preservation of Bement's history and traditions.
  • To promote and advance the name and reputation of the Bement School through its Alumni and the Alumni Association.
  • To engender a commitment from all Alumni to provide personal and financial support towards the Bement School's mission and goals.
  • To participate in the shaping of these goals, and to support the governance of the Bement School.


Members of the Alumni Association Board


Richard Herchenreder '75

Rachel Hobbie '79

Susan Holden 'GB

Daniela Jacobson '01

Kate Rosenblatt

Littell "Tell" White 'GB