“Bement certainly had a large impact on my life…”

“Remember Bement!”

“I think fondly of Bement from time to time…”

“I have loving memories I hold of that magical year when I was in the 4th grade & my brother was in 1st grade…”

“Bement is still one of the best experiences of my life!”

“It’s a pretty amazing place…”

“I truly enjoyed my time at Bement and just had countless wonderful experiences there…”

“I miss Bement so much…”

“I really miss Bement and I understand how all of the other graduates felt when they left Bement, because for the first two weeks I was not homesick, but schoolsick, missing Bement. I guess I never realized how Bement could mean so much to me and how all of the people there would mean so much to me…”

It is truly heart warming to hear statements such as these from our alumni! Bement is a special place and as an alum of the school, you are forever a part of its history, memories, and a part of its family.

You are Bement.

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